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Engineering & Design

Engineering & Design

Rapid Mobility has a team of specialists ready to fulfil your scooter dreams.  We can engineer systems, build additions, and fit gadgets. Ever wanted that sound system? A personalised scooter number plate? A specialised trailer?

All possible with Rapid Mobility.

This scooter was originally black but now it is pretty in pink! Love your scooter but prefer a different colour?

Want to stand out on your way around town?

We can cover scooters with a single colour or design to your specification.

Contact us for a quote.

IMG_9224 2.jpg

This scooter has a bespoke tandem trailer attachment. Ever wanted to give that lift or transport that bulky object? Well now you can.

Our engineers can design appropriate attachments to your specifications. Your imagination is the only limitation!

Contact Rapid Mobility for a quote.

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