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Globe Trotter

Globe Trotter

Globe Trotter half unfolded.jpg
Globe Trotter Unfolded from side.jpg

Revolutionarily designed to fulfil many needs, the Globe Trotter is a life-changer. The Global Trotter is available in Oyster Grey, Midnight Purple and Capri Blue. This innovative design ensures that a touch of a button lets you fold up your scooter making it around a third of the size of a normal boot scooter, great for homes with limited space. The light-weight design and ability to fold makes it a great travel companion on any trip, near or far. With the total unfolding time taking under 10 seconds, Globe Trotter is ready anytime for all those travelling needs, creating a more relaxed and carefree atmosphere. Recharging with the ultra-lightweight lithium battery is simple and easy as it can be removed whether the scooter is folded or unfolded and taken to an accessible location. You can also charge through the easy-access tiller charging point. The Globe Trotter can be manoeuvred in the folded position making it effortless to move. Four-wheel design offers more stability with higher ground clearance, making it one of the safest folding scooters available. Adjusting the driving control position is simple giving plenty of legroom for all users. Air safe deluxe carry bags are available to purchase which ensures carrying the scooter is simple and straightforward, see the Globe Trotter Carry Bag.

Click the PDF button below to donwload the Globe Trotter specification sheet!

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