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The President is a high capacity luxury mobility scooter, ready for you to take your rides in comfort and style. This scooter is oozing with space for you stretch, boasting lots of legroom as a feature of its design. In addition the President has very good ground clearance, perfect for those drives cross-country. The gas assisted tiller makes adjusting the driving control position quick and easy, especially beneficial getting in and out of the scooter as the tiller can be moved completely out of the way.

With a full charge this scooter will keep you travelling for up to 35 miles at 8mph and in adjustable comfort with the sliding seat.

Luxury features as standard include: front and rear LED lights, tiller mounted stick holders, and tiller mounted battery charging port.

President - Blue - Full Product - 700x50
President - Blue - Lifestyle in Woods -
President - Blue - Lifestyle in square -
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