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PRIDE Apex Alumalite Plus

PRIDE Apex Alumalite Plus

Excluding Sales Tax

Lightweight Aluminium Travel Scooter 

One of the lightest aluminum travel scooter on the market! Experience the convenience of a lightweight, compact travel scooter with airline safe batteries (12ah only). Easy to put into the boot, with its heaviest piece weighing only 11.6 kg. The Apex Alumalite plus, with its aluminium frame, weighs only 33.6 kg making it one of our lightest four wheeled scooters yet!

  • Specifications

    Weight capacity 21 st 6 (136 kg)
    Maximum speed 4 mph (6.4 km/h)
    Turning radius 1385 mm (54.5")
    Overall Length 1010 mm (39.76")
    Overall Width  495 mm (19.48")
    Tyres 203mm (8") solid (Front and rear)
    Total weight without batteries 33.5 kg
    Standard seating Type: Molded Plastic
    Weight: 8.5 kg
    Material: Black Vinyl
    Width: 432 mm
    Depth: 432 mm
    Batteries Quantity: 1
    Type: Lithium battery
    Available in either 12 Ah or 30 Ah 
    Weight batteries 12 Ah: 4.25kg
    30 Ah: 8.63kg 
    Battery Charger Dedicated charger
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