• Good Grips Fork with Built-Up Handle, Adaptive Eating Utensil, Cushioned Grip, Ideal for Arthritis, Neurological Impairments, & Weakness, Flexible Ribbing, Non-Latex, Left or Right Handed Use
  • Good Grips adaptive eating utensils are stainless steel utensils that feature a 1-3/8inch (35millimeter) built-up handle
  • The fork has an adjustable metal shaft that allows the fork to be bent to the left or right
  • Ideal for limited hand-to-mouth r, assisting those with arthritis, neurological impairments or generalized weakness in the hands, wrists, and fingers
  • Made of soft rubber material that does not contain latex, the built-up handle helps increase stability and control for decreased hand strength
  • The flexible ribbing on the built-up handles helps prevent slipping even when wet
  • Stainless steel with a 3.5 cm diameter built-up handle
  • Can be bent at any angle
  • Apt for those with a weak grasp and reduced hand movement
  • Suitable for left and right handed use ;Dishwasher safe
  • Fork Only included

Good Grip Fork


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