• Good Grips Weighted Rocker Knife with Built-Up Handle, Cushioned Grip, Ideal for Arthritis, Neurological Impairments, & Spasticity, Non-Slip Flexible Ribbing, Non-Latex, 6 oz. of Weight
  • Good Grips utensils provide 6 oz. of weight in the built-up handle to provide more control for those with limited hand control, Parkinson's or spasticity
  • The rocker knife requires only minimal arm strength for cutting and features an extended safety cap to help protect fingers while cutting
  • These stainless steel utensils have an adjustable metal shaft that allows them to be twisted to an angle for use with either the right or left hand
  • Made of soft rubber material that does not contain latex, the built-up handle helps increase stability and control for decreased hand strength
  • Measuring 7-1/8inch in length, the flexible ribbing on the built-up handles helps prevent slipping even when wet

GOOD GRIP Rocker Knife