The HurryCane® Freedom Edition™ is designed from top to bottom to give you more support and confidence with every step.

The HurryCane® Freedom Edition™ offers comfort, convenience and performance. Most importantly, it gives you more freedom than ever before.

  • Comfort-Fit Handle
  • Even Greater Stability
  • Height Adjustable
  • WhisperFlex™ Design
  • Folds More Compactly
  • This walking stick is a walking aid and is not intended to absorb the full weight of the user.
  • Not to be used by persons heavier than 159 kg (350 lbs).
  • Not intended for use on ice or other slippery surfaces as it has the potential to slip.


WhisperFlex™ Design
The pivoting base gives you more stability and balance and is always whisper quiet.


SteadiGrip™ Base
With a wide base and feet, it provides better traction on any terrain.


Dual-Purpose Wrist Strap 
Use it on your wrist for added security AND wrap it around the walking stick to keep it neatly folded up.


Comfort-Fit handle
Enjoy superior grip and control with this shock-absorbing handle.


Folds Up Faster
The shaft design folds up quickly and stores compactly.