Once again Pride has proven itself an industry leader with its Elite Traveller LX – 12Amp mobility scooter.


It is lightweight but has a sturdy suspension system that allows you to travel on roads as easily as on pavements and store aisles. It easily dismantles into five parts so it fits into your car’s boot and can be stored in limited space.


The scooter gets its manoeuvrability from its delta tiller and ergonomic delta handlebars, which are also perfect for those with stiff joints or other dexterity limiting conditions. In fact, you can, if necessary, steer the scooter with one hand on the tiller.


It comes with a padded seat and armrests, both of which can be adjusted to make it easy to get on and off. The 12Amp battery has a range of 10 miles, and it has front LED lights so that you’re easy to see in low visibility conditions, for example, fog and twilight. 


The 12 Ah batteries come as standard; for an extra cost, these can be upgraded to larger 17 Ah batteries for a longer 13 mile range.


If you’re easily bored or are a tad fashion conscious, you’ll enjoy the interchangeable red and blue panels.

    PRIDE Go-Go Elite Traveller LX


      • Ergonomic delta tiller and handlebars
      • Easy to manoeuvre and control
      • Swivel seat with suspension
      • Padded seat, armrests and backrest
      • Easily dismantled
      • Large front basket
      • LED front light
      • Blue and red interchangeable panels
      • Navigates limited spaces

      • Weight Capacity: 19 Stone 9 lbs (125 kg)
      • Maximum Speed: 4 mph
      • Ground Clearance: 6.35 cm
      • Overall Length: 100.3 cm
      • Overall Width: 49.5 cm
      • Turning Radius: 112 cm
      • Standard Controls: LED Display
      • Heaviest Piece (when disassembled): 15.2 kg (33.5 lbs) Front section
      • Total Weight (without batteries): 35.8 kg (79 lbs)