The Topro Troja 2G Rollator is the successor to the Topro Troja Classic Rollator. With the Classic model winning numerous awards it was only a matter of time before the Topro specialists in Norway provided the next generation of mobility aids. With upgraded levels of handling, comfort and stability compared to the Troja Classis, the Topro Troja 2G guarantees a high level of quality, safety and driving comfort. Having worked on feedback surrounding the Classic model the Topro Troja 2G Rollator has the following new features:


  • TOPRO Ergo Grip - Allows the user to adopt different hand positions when operating the model, great for those suffering from hand mobility issues.
  • Shock Absorbing Tyres - New tyre design provides a comfortable ride on a variety of surfaces.
  • TOPRO IBS - The new internal braking system makes contact with the rim rather than the tyre. This improves braking performance and stability, whilst preventing excessive wear on the tyres.
  • TOPRO Quick Release - With the new internal braking system design, TOPRO have implemented a new quick release system so wheels can be removed with ease for replacement or storage.
  • TOPRO Bell - Making sure others around you are aware of your presence, great for those with limited vocal abilities.


Using the Topro Troja 2G Rollator could not be more practical, integrated with a kerblifter this rollator allows easy access over a kerb without having to compromise control. When the Topro Troja 2G Rollator is not being used it can now be made into a more space efficient device, this happens through new removable wheels which are a great feature for those concerned about storage. With the Topro easy to fold mechanism the Topro Troja 2G Rollator really is user friendly, combining this with the secure transport clip you really have a rollator which can be stored away without fuss. 

Whether your largest concern is a safe user friendly rollator or whether it be making sure your rollator can be stored away safely, the Topro Troja 2G Rollator offers the complete package with an attractive image alongside great features!



  • Recommended maximum user height: 2000mm (6' 6")
  • Recommended minimum user height: 1500mm (4' 11")
  • Maximum handle height: 1000mm (39.25")
  • Minimum handle height: 780mm (30.75")
  • Width between handles: 470mm (18.5")
  • Rollator seat height: 620mm (24.5")
  • Rollator length: 650mm (25.5")
  • Rollator width: 610mm (24")
  • Rollator folded height: 815mm (32.5")
  • Rollator folded width: 240mm (9.5")
  • Rollator folded length: 650mm (26")
  • Rollator weight: 7.7 kgs (17 lbs)
  • Maximum user weight: 150 kgs (23.5 stone)

TOPRO Troja 2G