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Walkers are a great option for a little balance support whilst heading out and about.

Zimmer frames come with either, 2 wheels and 2 feet or four feet, some can fold away for storage or transportation and should be slightly raised up when stepping forwards

Rollators have 4 wheels for extra stability and Tri-walkers have 3 wheels.

•All should have hand operated brakes, which we can adjust for you in store, or on site.

•Most models come with storage compartments. •Rollators have a small seat built in.

•Some Tri-Walkers have built in seats.

•Both are able to fold.

Rapid Mobility has a large range of options, come into the showroom and try some out!

Rapid Mobility has a range of options, come into the shop for more information. Below are some examples.


Zimmer Frame


Rollator with bag and seat


Triwalker with bag and basket

Treka Rollator - Folded - 700x500 - tpng

Rollator folded

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